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Application Software Development


have rich experience of working with clients from different countries in various industries. As a company we have completed small, medium and large size development projects in Middle East , Asia and Europe. We have developed software solutions based on specific client requirements as well as taken old legacy systems online. We use latest software development and project management methodologies to model and capture client's requirements rapidly and accurately.

We are specialized in migration of legacy systems. Here we create software solutions which are reliable, provide complete functionality and are absolutely robust. Understanding the specialrequirements of companieS DIS ensures rigorous testing and quality assurance of all its software projects maintaining high standards.

Core Industries we serve

  • Distributors and Traders in Retail , Automotive, Chemical , Pharmaceutical sectors
  • Healthcare
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Customer Service
  • Financial Services
  • Education
  • Hospitality Services
  • Cargo Services
  • Human Resource and other Consultancy Services
  • Contracting Services
  • Planning
  • E R P Application Development

    Doing Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP means integrating data and running the enterprises different departments applications under one system. When a company decides to have their separate departments do this they are actually eliminating the old applications and placing a new one that will run not just one department but all that s included in the ERP system.

    ERP is all exclusive and it covers the whole enterprise. All the departments can be a part of the whole ERP system if the company chooses to. ERP can include the manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, information technology, accounting, human resources, marketing and strategic management. However, the company can choose to include only some of its functions in its ERP too.

    When implemented correctly, the company will benefit from the smoother operations in the company.

    Communication is the key and ERP provides precisely this. They will also be able to operate cost effectively. In effect, the whole enterprise will be more efficient and they will be more productive because the ERP system.

    ERP Solutions

  • Open source Enterprise Resource Planning applications in Adempiere / Odoo Software platforms
  • Custom made Enterprise Resource Planning applications in Microsoft / Java / PHP technologies
  • ERP solutions for Retail, manufacturing , healthcare , Warehouse management , Human resources management etc.