Access Control & Time Attendance Solutions


Biometric / RFDI Access Control Solutions and Time Attendance Systems

Itallow either centralized management by the Human Resources Department or decentralized administrative tasks carried out by the different Heads of Department. Apart from the default Time attendance software, we have a variety of Time and Attendance Machine we may provide depending upon the requirement of the customers.

We provide support consistently thus helps our clients to integrate the best ever digital products keeping an eye on timely delivery and installation with our variety of biometric services.

We provide different types of Time Attendance Devices and access control systems, which includes:

  • Biometric /Face/Retina Detection Time & Attendance system
  • Keypad Access Control and Time Attendance system
  • Proximity Access Control with key cards and fobs
  • Voice recognition Access control System
  • Hand Print Pattern based Access control system
  • We work on the below major Access control and Time attendance device brands

  • ESSL